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Motivation App

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Vývojář: Peter Boltersdorf

Use your smartphone or tablet to express your enthusiasm about a successful performance, good progress or even to steady a positive relationship. The shown gratitude will make all participants happy.

Some people just cannot get enough of it. For them, the praise is an important emotional "payment" for performance. Some others, however, are already fully satisfied with an occasional praise. It is therefore never wrong to give an authentic and serious praise or confirmation.

Such praise is also an expression of appreciation, respect and recognition. These are all basic conditions for sustainable performance, achievement and positive relationships.
The motivation app includes compliments, praise and recognition in various languages, which are gradually supplemented by more and more. Take advantage of the opportunity to submit your own proposals for compliments and formulations for praise. We look forward to post your idea as a further MotivationCard.

Be also inspired, by using the app for a certain praise you want to be shown in different languages. View all of the language equivalents. By that you able to express a praise creatively in a different language. Why not in Latin or in Chinese?

For many people who receive praise, it is particularly convenient if the praise is done not only verbally. The written form or a file remains and thus can work for more than just one time.

People often say, "the internet does not forget anything." How beautiful is this circumstance for praise, confirmation, appreciation and respect. These things are some of the positive results of human culture.

Consder the following rules for motivation when using the app:

10 rules for effective praise!
1. Praise always needs a real reason.
2. Be honest and authentic.
3. If you want to praise, remain only with the praise and nothing else.
4. Make it clear that your own standards apply to your praise.
5. Do not be irritated when the praised one is reacting with caution.
6. People are very different in how often and how much they need praise.
7. Written praise seems more intense and works longer than spoken words.
8. Avoid any form of relativity in your praise.
9. Critics have their own place outside of praise.
10. Observe carefully what happens after the praise with the praised one.